Software engineer by day. Game developer by night.

By Day

I work at a consulting company in Milwaukee, WI as a Technical Lead building enterprise level middleware for clients to integrate legacy systems with newer technology. I am tasked primarily with building dependable and flexible REST APIs who commonly interact with IBM and Active MQ resulting in heavy use of asynchronous and multi-threaded consumer/producer patterns.

By Night

I am doing what I truly love and working towards building a career professionally in game development. My passion in life is video games: I love to make them, I love to play them. My primary language of choice is C++ and have developed and released games in SFML. I also have experience in Unreal and non game related SDL and Qt. Other game endines include Unity, GameMaker, and Android Studio. My most recent project, which was written in C++ using SFML was a 2D side-scrolling bullet-hell space shooter called Gauss (check it out here!).