Thunderpaws Lore


Long ago the planet Catana was inhabited by two peaceful and cooperative races known as the Nekos and the Mausues. Life on the planet thrived as the two races co-existed for centuries. Then one day a Neko scientist stumbled upon the discovery of a way to amplify the emission of light particles through electromagnetism to create a colourful beam of light that could be shined on any surface creating a mystical dot on whatever medium it touched. The Nekos marveled at its beauty and saw this invention as a tool to be used to enhance life as they knew it. They called it the Emission Index and the technology was replicated in all shapes and sizes. The Nekos used the Emission Index in many ways; Some used it to enhance themselves physically by chasing it, others used it to create wonderful artistic masterpieces by shining different sizes and shapes of the Index in sequence, and even some strengthened it to aid in daily work of trimming their claws with pinpoint precision. When the Mausues heard about the invention they pleaded with the Nekos to share their new tool, for which the Nekos graciously shared at a moment’s notice.

However, the Mausues had a drastically different intent on the uses for the Emission Index. They saw only the power that could be achieved. The Mausues became obsessed with increasing the power more and more and one day a catastrophic explosion occurred at one of the Mausues Emission labs while trying to secretly weaponize it.
Once the Nekos heard of the explosion they demanded that the Mausues cease any weaponization of the Emission Index – it was meant to be used as an enhancement on life, not the destruction of life! The Mausues rejected this idea and continued their experiments. As time passed it was rumored that the Mausues were nearing the completion of an Emission Index larger than any other on the entire planet with an unknown amount of power. The Nekos – sensing that only calamity could await them if they did not intervene – stole the unfinished Emission Index back from the Mausues which enraged them causing them to launch a full scale war on the Nekos in an effort to reclaim their taken weapon.

The Nekos had a well established army in case of the need to defend their planet, however the Mausues had superior weapon technology thanks to the experiments they had done with the Emission Index. The conflict was nearing the decimation of the entire Neko race when they decided they had no choice but to weaponize the Emission Index for their own if they wanted to survive. However the Nekos were pressed for time so their scientists began experimenting with the Emission Index, not on weapons, but on mixing the Emission Index into the brain.

As the Mauses drove the remaining Neko population back into the only remaining city still standing, two of the Neko’s best soldiers – Barney and Rupert – volunteered to be used for an experiment called “Operation Thunderpaw” which would mutate the cells in the brain by mixing it with the Emission Index in hopes of unlocking an “ultimate” power from within the Emission Index weapons. The operation had a 1% success rate, but it was now or never, and they knew that, so they had no choice.
The operation began as the Mausues were nearly at the city’s doorstep. Suddenly something went terribly wrong, and the instruments began overheating, and the lab began exploding sending powerful emissions shooting in all directions! As the Neko scientists stared at the imploded, failed experiment sitting in rubble preparing to accept their fate as the Mausue forces were nearly on top of them – two forms emerged from the debris. Barney and Rupert came sprinting out of the dust each holding a weapon, but firing them in ways never seen before! The experiment worked! Barney and Rupert were able to unlock the ULTIMATE power from within each weapon at their disposal and drove the Mausue forces back! The world marveled at their strength as they single handedly triumphed over the vermin and destroyed all but 4 of the Mausues – 4 scientists – who managed to escape the planet and retreat into the recesses of space.
After the war, Barney and Rupert were awarded the Medal of Nip – which was the highest honor a Neko could receive and officially founded the Neko’s first elite task force of super feline badasses known only as the “Thunderpaws”.

For 20 years the planet Catana and their fuzzy inhabitants once again knew only of laying on the public windowsills and basking in the sun. However far above on an abandoned satellite the 4 remaining Mausues swore revenge on the Nekos vowing to return once again to settle the score. Over the years they began using left over technology on the space station in combination with crude and unstable Emission Indexes to begin constructing a robot army to help them get revenge on their adversaries.

20 years later the planet Catana is suddenly attacked by the mechanized space mice and their robot horde seeking revenge on the feline planet! The desperate inhabitants must once again call upon the Thunderpaws to save them from the clutches of verminosity, as they did 20 years ago. The leaders of the ThunderPaws, Barney, and Rupert have been waiting for this day. Waiting to catch the red dot of fate. Waiting to tear at the scratch post of destiny. Ready to kick ass and chew catnip…And they’re all out of catnip.