Published Games


2D fast paced bullet hell SHMUP.



Click here to download the game from Itch.io, or view sourcecode on Github

About the game

Humanity took to space in a desperate attempt to find a new home,  only to find that aliens have long before called the black abyss their  domain and don’t take kindly to outsiders.

Scientists desperately search for a way to transport the survivors elsewhere in the galaxy to rebuild civilization in peace…But they need more time to comprehend their discoveries, otherwise a failed jump will result in only more death.

But with each passing day the Hunters grow more aggressive and the light at the end of the tunnel grows dimmer…

We must find the answer…


Programmer: Cooper Patton

Lead Artist: Nicholas Davis

Additional basic art support: Suraj Sharma



Top down 2.5D melee game developed using GameMaker, written in GML


Click here to play the game in your browser on Itch.io, or view sourcecode on Github

About the game

The development team Chummy Winds has created a way to take you back to a time of daydreaming and doodling in Algebro! Take control of the little dude and fight your way through 3 beautifully designed stages, dashing between 2D and 3D to fend off the blood thirsty shapes who are trying to suck you into their world.

My Involvement

Lead programmer. At the time I had the most knowledge of GML and GameMaker so I facilitated most of the project. I wrote all of the AI for the shapes, then the rest of the logic was distributed between myself and the other two developers.



Puzzle game for Android

Click here for a link to the Github

About the game

A puzzle game that challenges even the strongest of players. The objective is to move the hero block to the finish block in as few moves as possible. Every map has a target minimum number of moves, however there are almost always multiple ways of completing a level. Based on how the player finished the level will determine a 1-3 star scoring, silver or gold prize coins, and unlock the next level.

Support has since ended for Shift. The lead developer and funding LLC moved across the country and the team lost interest sadly. However, the game was super fun to both develop and play so its not to say there might be a remake sometime in the future!

My Involvement

I was contracted by the games creator, Lucky 8’s Entertainment to develop a level generation algorithm for quick, random, solvable levels as well as an XML creator to translate the level into xml. There are over 300 levels all auto generated by the level building algorithm we (myself and another developer later on who enhanced the algorithm) wrote. The algorithm designs, builds, then solves (recording the moves and steps) a particular level, then transcribes that to a single line text file which is then used by our xml parser to physically create the visual layout of the level for the user.



Games in development


2D Arcade style side scrolling bullet hell shooter developed in
Unity, written in C#.

Quick, go to the dedicated page for this game!



Non Game Related Completed Apps


ChatLoco is an ASP.NET MVC web application that enables users to freely, and anonymously talk to other users through various chatrooms completely based off their geo location


View the extensive walkthrough of the app here on my Github

About the app

ChatLoco utilizes the users location to determine which chatrooms are available in their area, giving them a slide bar which the user can use to grow or shrink their “search radius”. This enables multiple users who are geographically in the same location to chat with eachother in both public, and private chatrooms in an IRC fashion.

Users sign up for the ChatLoco services using a username that is unique and specific to that user, but when entering any chatroom, they are allowed to pick a handle, thus giving them the option for anonymity if they so choose. Users have various settings such as email, and the default handle that auto populates into chatrooms if they chose not to use one, which they can change at any time. Admin users have their own seperate privilages in order to promote other users to admin, block, unblock, and delete users. Lastly users can signup if they aren’t already apart of the ChatLoco craze, contact the admins, and read about the application on our FAQ page.

My Involvement

Since there were only a few devs I worked on both front and back end parts of the application.