2D Arcade style side scrolling bullet hell shooter developed in Unity, written in C#.
Currently delayed due to personal reasons – apologies. Disregard the “intended release date”

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lore, and universe

About the game

Thunderpaws is intended to be a chaotic, heart-pumping experience that someone can play alone or with a friend via local co-op.

The end game will offer 12-16 levels, each with their own unique art, music, and defining feature. The trailer however shows only the first stage which will be a vertical slice release by the end of the year for free to gauge interest and get feedback from the community! My intention is to create an exciting gameplay experience for the player, while also offering a unique and unexpected narrative that drives the player to continue further into the world of Thunderpaws.

As of its current build the game is compatible with Keyboard, Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers. The intention is to allow for a wider variety of controllers to be supported. Full button customization currently exists for Keyboard users and the intention is to support the same key-mapping for controller players.


Inspiration for the game

I was told many years back by someone I look up to in this field that you should make games that draw from personal experiences that YOU want to play.

Therefore, I pulled inspiration from both my lovable cat Barney and 80’s retro action and decided to make a fast paced game I could play with a friend on the couch…and thus the idea of Thunderpaws was born.

Barney IRL


Who does what?


I am the only programmer on the project. Aside from the art, and sound I do everything else.


Primary Contributor: Oray Studios

Early development Contributor: Jacob VanBendegon

Some art I could not afford: Myself


Currently using royalty free sounds and music from Audio Jungle